WishList Insider – Forum Focus 153

We’ve pulled some interesting forum threads to highlight and we want to share them with you.

Here are three questions that we are giving the Forum Focus treatment:

  • Should Members Be Able To Upload Content?
  • Are You Split Testing?
  • How Are You Providing A Preview?

Keep reading to learn more and join in the action.

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Allow Users To Upload And Retrieve Content

This is a good example of something that will benefit from the following question…

“What If…?”

Sometimes we focus more on the “How To” of a situation and don’t really consider the possible results.

Have you ever considered allowing your members to upload and retrieve pieces of content? This may be something that your community would enjoy.

But, it is important to consider all the angles before putting an idea like this into practise.

Join this conversation to find out what some Insiders have to say about this interesting topic.


Split Testing – Your Experiences

We want your opinion.

Do you use Split Testing to learn which promotion or email blast was the most successful? The results of these tests can be a powerful tool that can lead to more conversions and members.

If you know which methods are drawing more attention then you can tailor your future communications accordingly.

Please let us know what you think within this forum thread.


Mixergy Style Preview For Content

Providing a preview of the content within your site is an extremely effective way to get people interested and excited for more.

Interest and excitement can quickly convert a visitor into a paying member.

Have you even seen a video that includes a PLAY button and when you click that button you are greeted with a “Sorry You Must Be A Member. Join Here!” message?

How do they do that?

This conversation discusses this and more.

Check it out for all the details.

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