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We know keeping up with all the various conversations within the forums can be tough, so we wanted to shine the spotlight on a few we thought Insiders would enjoy.

The featured threads are…

  • Pay What You Want Model
  • Should I Keep A Forum If No One Uses It?
  • Audio/Video Player

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Pay What You Want Model?

What if you didn’t set the price for your membership?

I suppose the next logical question would then be…

WHO would set the cost to join your site if it’s not you?

The members.

That’s right. The people signing up could set their own price. Which brings up another good question…

Won’t they just take it all for free?

Not necessarily. We recommend everyone check out this conversation to see if a “Pay What You Want” model will work for you and your members.

You just might be surprised.


Should I Keep A Forum If No One Uses It?

This is a forum thread with some legs!

What we mean by that is this conversation was started months ago and is still running strong.

The topic of this particular discussion is whether or not you should remove a forum if it is not getting the kind of action you expected.

Should you remove an underachieving forum?

Or should you take steps to generate interest in order to ramp up member involvement?

Learn more from the many Insiders who have been offering up their thoughts and suggestions.

It’s all just around the corner.


Audio/Video Player

It is fairly common to present content in audio or video form within a membership site.

Members don’t typically care which audio/video player is used. That being said, they DO start to care if the player doesn’t give them what they need or expect.

So, you want to do a little research and figure out the best player for your situation.

They all offer different features and capabilities so we would like you to tell us what you are using.

How are you delivering audio and video to your members?

Let us know in this forum thread and find out what other Insiders are using themselves.

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