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When was the last time you checked out the Insider Forum?

Just in case it’s been a while (or even if your last visit was this morning) here are a few threads to be aware of…

  • How Are You Structuring Your Courses?
  • What Happens When You See A “Missed Schedule”?
  • Free Give-Aways = Email Addresses?

Of course, this is just a sampling of what awaits within the forums.

There’s much more to see!

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Structuring A Course

Offering members a course is a very effective teaching method.

Your members will be able to quickly gain the knowledge they need based on what you present to them.

But, how should you structure that course?

It’s important that your teachings be easy to pick up. You don’t want a confusing structure that leads to confused members.

Especially since confused members can quickly turn into ex-members.

This forum thread looks into what should be considered when laying out the details for your courses to make things easy on you and your members.


Post Shows “Missed Schedule”

Here is a “Quick Hit” from the Insider Forum.

Have you ever noticed the words “Missed Schedule” beside one of your posts within the WordPress admin section?

What does that actually mean and how can you make sure this problem gets fixed?

If you have ever seen that message and wondered what you can do about it, there is a less-than-10-minute fix you can apply right now to ensure all your posts get published correctly and on time.


Free Give-Aways To Collect Emails?

I found this older thread while looking for interesting topics for the Forum Focus this week.

It’s important to build a solid email list, so what can you be doing to entice more sign ups?

Well, you could be offering a desirable item (or items) for free.

But, just how valuable should that item be?

You need to be careful not to “break the bank” but the free gift must also have a high perceived value.

The Insiders in this discussion share their opinions and experiences on this topic and we urge you to jump in and let us know your thoughts.

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