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When was the last time you visited the forums?

It’s a good time to head over and see what everyone is talking about. Here are a few “hints” about what we shine the focus on this week…

  • What Would You Tell Your Past Self?
  • Starting From Scratch
  • What’s The Best Video Option For You?

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Video Gallery/Library

This is one of those topics that gets a lot of attention in the Insider Forums (and for good reason).

With so much time and effort poured into producing video content, you want to present it quickly and easily to your members. The last thing you want after you’ve crafted the perfect video is to run into frustrating issues while trying to simply post it for your members to enjoy.

What should take a few seconds can turn into a battle that stretches into the hours.

Not fun.

Check out this conversation to find out how you can post video galleries on your membership site as easily as possible.

We also would love to hear additional ideas from anyone who works with video content. We can never have too much good advice.


Starting From Scratch

What should your membership site be based upon?

The most common answer I hear to that question is usually something like…

“Start with your passion!”


“Do what you love and it won’t feel like work.”

Both of those statements are very accurate. If you are creating content based on something you love and are interacting with a community that shares your interest, everything is all good.

But what if you feel as though you don’t really have a passion?

Or maybe you believe that your passions or interests cannot sustain a membership site.

What do you do then?

This forum thread tackles these questions and we invite you to join in and share your thoughts on the matter.

Are you running a membership site based on your passion?


What Would You Have Done Differently?

We’re curious.

If you knew then, what you know now about building a membership site, would you have changed anything?

Time and experience are very good teachers. Mistakes may happen along the way, but that isn’t always such a bad thing.

We can learn from these errors and make sure not to repeat them.

So, if you were able to go back in time and give yourself some advice when you were first starting out, what would that advice be?

What would you tell your past self to avoid and what would you encourage more of?

This forum thread has been created to post what you have learned while developing your membership site. Please feel free to share with everyone.

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