WishList Insider – Forum Focus 138

We’ve got three questions from the Insider Forum being focused on this week.

Each one has it’s own conversation between Insiders who are trading tips and ideas with each other.

They include…

  • Can You Make It Go “Viral”?
  • What Unique Or Special Item Are You Giving Your Members This Time?
  • Do You Have Technical Questions?

Keep reading for more details and to join the discussions.


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Anyone Using Viral Marketing For Membership Sites?

How do you make something go “viral”?

What must be done to create a video or promotion that is intended to be shared with as many people as possible actually succeed?

We’ve all seen the popular viral videos that get passed around the office or sent through endless email forwards. The key is that after you watch the video, you immediately want to send it to someone else. Then that recipient does the same thing. This process continues over and over again.

This is a formula for success. Imagine what would happen if your sales video was sent to anyone and everyone.

Join this forum thread to find out what Insiders are saying.


What Unique Item/Idea/Product Are You Offering Your Members?

The title of this thread says it all.

Your members will appreciate a special Bonus that is exclusive to the membership they have joined.

This should be something that they will want and see the immediate value of.

We offer a bonus each month to members of WishList Insider and genuinely look forward to offering these cool items as we feel they will benefit our members. Our members look forward to these special gifts each month and get excited for them.

So, how can you do something similar on your own site?

Find out by checking out this conversation.


What Are Your Main 3 Technical Issues?

We want to know some of the technical issues you might be struggling with.

Or maybe you just need some more info on a specific problem you are having.

Please feel free to check out this conversation and let us know what you would like us to tackle in future Insider content when it comes to the technical side of things.

WishList Team member Bobbi has started this thread to find out what you want to learn.

Feel free to post any suggestions or questions and we’ll keep an eye on things 🙂

We’ll then try to use as many ideas from this thread as possible in upcoming Insider content.

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