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As always, there are many topics being addressed within the Insider Forum at any given time.

Each week, questions are asked and answered by the extremely knowledgeable and skilled Insiders. So why not lend your voice to the mix?

Here is just a sampling of what’s been discussed lately:

  • You Have The Content, But What’s Your Structure?
  • Remove The “Continue Reading” Option
  • What Was Your First Computer?

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Structuring Online Classes Within Membership Site

When creating and setting up an online course, we can all agree that the content you are teaching is very important.

But, knowing how to structure that course online and ensuring your members are able to navigate through everything successfully may be even more important.

Taking a course online is different than sitting in a classroom.

Are you aware of these differences and how to approach them?

Join this conversation in the Forum to learn what other Insiders are doing to prepare.


Removing The Continue Reading On The Homepage

Here is the latest good example of a “Quick Hit” forum thread.

An Insider had a question and two other Insiders jumped right in with suggestions. We love seeing this type of help being passed around 🙂

If you’ve ever wanted to remove the “Continue Reading” option from your site, then you’ll want to take a couple of minutes to view this discussion.

Of course, if you have your own suggestions or methods for this, please feel free to share.


How To “Do” WishList Member

What was the first computer you remember using?

Maybe it was a “portable” Compaq from the 1990’s or a cutting-edge Commodore 64.

No matter what your first computer experience was, you likely remember the learning curve that came along with this new technology.

Come have a little fun with us as Insiders discuss their earliest memories when it comes to computers. Also, find out how these early experiences can help you now when working with WishList Member.


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