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  • Customization Of The WordPress Profile
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t
  • Next Steps After A Cancellation

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WordPress User Profile Matching My Theme

Have you ever wanted to customize the WordPress profile page your members see when they want to change their password?

This page appears whenever you member wants to adjust any of their account info. This is a part of the WordPress site which means it matches the WordPress back end styling.

This type of styling may not be a good fit for your site.

So, what if you could adjust this page so that it matched your site’s Theme?

Check out a few different options that Insiders are using to accomplish this with their sites.


Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Creating Urgency With A Disappearing Content Strategy?

It’s true that the thought of possibly missing out on something can make us want it ever more.

I had this happen to me recently with a pair of tickets to a Mumford and Sons concert.

The tickets were already sold out and I had a chance to get a pair but I needed to act quickly. I didn’t want to miss out so I made the commitment and was happy I did.

Minutes later I saw tickets being sold online for nearly twice the original price and knew the correct choice was made.

So, how can you apply this same type of thinking to your membership site?

Find out within this forum thread.


Cancellation Follow Up?

What is the first thing you do when a member cancels?

Do you have any type of follow-up plan to find out why they left and perhaps bring them back?

If not, this is something to strongly consider.

Insiders discuss what they do when a member decides to leave their site. Some offer a discount while others offer a down-sell.

Join the conversation and let us know what you do in this situation.

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