WishList Insider – Forum Focus 131

We really do have some awesome conversations to share with you in this latest Forum Focus.

Questions are being asked and answered every day and we want to be sure Insiders aren’t missing out.

This week’s highlights include:

  • Will This Membership Site Work?
  • HUGE Surge In Member Conversions
  • One Member Account With Access To Multiple Sites

Join in the conversations here…


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Would This Topic Make A Profitable Membership Site?

How can you know if your membership site idea will be a success?

You can plan, you can prepare, you can do all the things to get ready, but how can you KNOW it’s time to open the doors?

Then, once your membership site is open for business, how do you attract new members?

These are all questions that new membership site owners consider when beginning the path to a community.

Luckily, this forum thread digs into these points and provides some options to make starting out go smoothly.


HUGE Surge In My Membership Conversions

An Insider had an “Ah-Ha” moment when reading a book recently and wanted to share how it helped him increase his revenue over the span of just one day.

All this before even finishing the book 🙂

The interesting this was that there is a “WishList Connection” to the author of the book as Stu conducted an interview with him recently. We include a link to the interview in this thread.

We encourage everyone to take a look at this conversation and find out what you can be doing with your membership site based around the concepts of “scarcity”.

You may even have your own “Ah-Ha” moment!


Accessing Content On Two Separate Sites

Have you figured out how to create one member account that can login on two separate WishList Member/WordPress sites?

This is a question we get from time to time and it’s an interesting one to think about.

While this is not something that is included in the core WishList Member functionality (separate WordPress databases on each site means a separate user account is needed on each site as well), it’s something people are still curious about.

The Insiders in this forum thread discuss the options available and ask for any additional suggestions anyone may have.

So if allowing one member account to have access to multiple sites is something you have ideas about or have accomplished yourself, please join the conversation.

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