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  • Removing An Opt-In Step
  • Moderation of Member Comments
  • One Month Special?

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Which Autoresponder Option Works Without Two Confirmations? Aweber vs Mailchimp

When new members sign up, you want the process to be simple.

Any extra steps that can be avoided or removed from the process means a quicker (and more enjoyable) experience for everyone involved.

So why not look into ways that you can prevent members from needing to opt-in multiple times for your email lists?

Less steps equals happier members.

This forum thread discusses some options that could remove this opt-in portion from the registration for your members.


Turning Off Moderation Approval On Comments

We’ve got another “Quick Hit” from the Forums and this time it has to do with the moderation of first time commentors.

Comments within a membership site are important as they allow members to interact and engage each other in conversation. But, you might want to initially hold these comments for moderation to be sure they aren’t spam.

WordPress allows you to hold the very first comment a member makes for moderation and then once that comment is approved, all of their future comments will appear right away.

There are some other options you can consider when it comes to your comments so we recommend checking out this quick conversation for some tips.


One Month Special?

Let’s say your membership site has launched and it’s going well.

Members have joined and are enjoying what you are presenting to them.

But, what if you want to run a promotion to gain even more members? Is there a way that you can run a one time promotion that will get potential new members excited?

Maybe a reduced purchase price.

Then how would your current members react to this?

Jump into this discussion to find out what Insiders are saying.

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