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  • Do You Use Google Goals?
  • Make Your Videos Your Own
  • A WishList Member Powered Magazine

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Tracking Google Goals In Google Analytics

It’s probably safe to say that the majority of Insiders have worked with, or at least heard of, Google Analytics.

This very popular tracking tool is installed on a lot of WishList Member powered sites. It can help you know exactly what members are gravitating towards.

But, have you ever thought about working with the “Goals” feature that is presented to Google Analytics users?

This forum discussion touches upon this option and a few others (ex. “Raven” tool) so take a look if you’re interested in additional ways to learn more about your member activity.


Protecting Video Content On Your Site

Here is a good example of an older thread getting a “jump-start” with some new comments.

The result is a solid conversation between Insiders on ways to prevent your video content from being taken and passed around for free.

It also gets into what you can do to help yourself even if your protected videos do get seen by non-members. This can even result in additional member sign ups in some cases.

Find out how to make your protected video content your own with no confusion from those who view it.


Using WishList Member For An Online Magazine

Here is an interesting idea…

Why not use WishList Member for an online magazine?

This thread is from a little while back, but I thought it was a cool concept and wanted to share it with everyone to see what other ideas you all may have.

The tools are all there to produce and deliver monthly content to all subscribers (members). All that needs to then be considered is how to style the site to look like a magazine format.

Jump into this conversation to add your own thoughts.

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