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What time is it?

Well, it just happens to be that time of week where we highlight some of the awesome forum threads within WishList Insider.

Good thing we have some ready for you 🙂

  • Do You Remind Members About Expiry Dates?
  • Should Your Forum Be A Membership Upgrade?
  • What Should Your Members Do After they Login?

See what other Insiders have to say…

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Do You Remind Members When Their Membership Is Expiring?

This conversation really took off!

Many Insiders jumped in with advice and personal experiences in regards to how/if reminders should be sent to members when a subscription is going to expire.

There are more factors that need to be considered than one might think when looking into the option of sending out these messages.

Luckily, there are Insiders who have “been there and done that” 🙂


Should I Sell A WishList Product With Forum Upgrade

How valuable is access to your membership forums?

I can say from experience that there is a LOT of valuable information that gets passed around forums on a daily basis. So much knowledge is contained within the Insider forums that I would recommend all membership site owners at least consider using a forum on their own site.

That being said, how should you present your forum and could it be used as an upgrade to your existing membership?

Or, is there another way to deliver your membership options and products to those who want them?

This conversation touches on all of these topics (and more) so we encourage everyone to take a look and see what appeals to you.


How To Measure WishList Members Login Activities

How do you know when Member are consuming your content and what they are spending the most time with?

This is important information to be aware of as it allows you to produce content that is tailored to your member’s wants and needs. This then translates into higher member retention rates.

When your members login, what do you expect them to do?

If you’re not sure, then this conversation will help get you thinking and moving in the right direction.

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