WishList Insider – Forum Focus 116

We’ve got some good “Thinker” topics to highlight in this edition of Forum Focus.

The Insiders have asked solid questions that require some thought to decide the best course of action.

  • The Best Name For Your Membership Site
  • Facebook Advertising – Worth It?
  • Tips For Moving To A New Auto-Responder

Find out what everyone is talking about here…

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Membership Site Names

It might seem like a simple decision, but it does require some consideration.

What are you going to name your Membership Site?

Or maybe you want to change your existing site’s name?

This is the name that is going to define you and your site moving forward. What factors need to be thought through during this decision? The last thing you want to end up with is a forgettable name (and membership site).

Find out how Insiders are handling this and let us know how you named your own Membership Site.


Facebook Advertising

Is it worth it?

Advertising dollars need to be used effectively. Each penny should eventually pay off in some way.

That being said, how successful can your Membership Site be while advertising through Facebook? If you’ve ever thought about running ads on this social media giant, then you’ll want to get in on this thread within the Insider forum.

Find out how some Insiders are advertising on Facebook now and feel free to share your own experiences. It’s always good to get different opinions when it comes to these types of topics.

Jump in and join the conversation.


Moving To Aweber – Help With Migration?

What needs to be kept in mind when migrating to a new Auto-Responder?

First let’s back up a bit. Any time a switch to a new system is going to happen, it’s best to think ahead and try to avoid any bumps along the way.

That is what this Forum thread can help with.

What can be done to keep the number of lost email subscribers to a minimum?

Is making the switch worth it in the long run?

Learn what Insiders are saying inside the Forum.

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