WishList Insider – Forum Focus 111

We’ve got some very informative and exciting discussions happening again within the Insider Forums.

We’re focusing in on the following subjects this week…

  • Ready To Throw In The Towel?
  • Top 2 Email Subject Lines
  • Should You Control Your Email Server?

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Ready To Throw In The Towel On The Membership Concept

It’s likely that many of us have had this same feeling at one time or another.

When faced with adversity, it can be difficult to keep moving forward. Momentum can get stopped and it can be tricky to get it rolling again.

So, what do you do when the going gets tough?

What keeps you motivated and moving ever forward?

Find out some of the driving forces behind a number of your fellow Insiders within this conversation. The encouragement that is shared is awesome!


My Top 2 Subject Lines

What email subject lines have worked best for you?

Perhaps you have written a subject line that has converted more members or lead to the most clicks of any of your promotions.

Or maybe you’ve received an email and the subject line essentially forced you to click on it yourself.

We want to hear about them!

Also, check out Stu’s Top Two subject lines and find out why they were so successful in accomplishing their goal.


WishList Member with Google’s Professional Email Product?

Is it a good idea to control your own mail server on your own dedicated web server?

Well, it’s important to weight the pros and cons of this before making a decision.

How comfortable are you dealing with email setup and possible problems?

There are some potential hurdles you may not be aware of and these are discussed within this forum thread.

Before making a choice like this, we recommend doing a bit more research (and it can start by heading to the forums now).

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