WishList Insider – Forum Focus 110

What can be learned from the Insider Forums this week?

Well, as usual, quite a bit 🙂

The topics addressed are:

  • What Options Do They Offer?
  • Do You Need A Gallery?
  • Pages Or Posts Or Posts Or Pages?

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Using Coupons, Shopping Carts, and Payment Processors

What did you base your decision on when it came to the correct payment processor for you and your members?

There are a number of aspects to consider.

Do you need the option to offer coupons/discounts?

Do you need recurring billing capabilities?

What type of support do they offer?

It’s tough to know exactly what you need when getting started so by checking out this conversation you can quickly learn what others have done to prepare and ensure they make the right choice.


Any Theme Suggestions For Use On Artist Website?

We’ve highlighted various forum threads focusing on WordPress themes in the past, but we haven’t looked into actual image galleries.

Displaying images in an appealing manner can be done quickly and easily with the right plugin.

This can add some dynamic action to your membership site and allow it to stand out from the crowd.

If you find that the option to present images or slides to your members is appealing, check out what tools Insiders are using to accomplish this.


Page vs Post – Is There A Good Rule Of Thumb?

How are you displaying and presenting your membership content?

You can offer content in posts that are published on a regular basis or include a library of pages that are “ever-green” and do not change.

How can you select which option is best for you?

Perhaps a combination of posts and pages will be what your members prefer (or come to expect).

Find out the pros and cons for posts or pages in this thread.

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