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We realize a lot can happen throughout the course of a week.  Everyone can become busy with a little of “this” and a lot of “that” during their day to day lives so it’s not always easy to keep on top of all the useful and helpful posts within the Insider Forums.

For these reasons we have decided to apply some focus to a number of posts each week that we believe can benefit our Members.

Read on for summaries and links to this week’s “Forum Focus” Posts.

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Total Access vs Timed Access

Should you present all the content for a particular course right off the bat or should you ration it out over a scheduled period of time?

This is a great question and one that is answered by a few different insiders within this thread.

An interesting compromise is also brought up for those sitting on the fence between these two possibilities.  It’s very likely some options you never thought of were brought up during the discussion.


Setting up Simplepress

Many WishList Insiders use SimplePress as a forum solution on their site as it’s a powerful and very user-friendly option (we can count ourselves in that number).

But not everyone knows how to set SimplePress up with WishList Member in order to protect certain area for specific Membership Levels.  There has also been some question as to if this can even be accomplished.

It does take some understanding and adjustment of the settings for both WishList Member and SimplePress, but it can be worked out and this thread explains how.


Creating Presentations That Stand Out

Here is a great example of a thread that was started sometime ago but has had new live injected into it with some timely comments from Insiders.

Stu started this thread in order to bring some new methods of presentation to light and offers up some links to help make your presentations “pop”.

A product was then suggested by a member after they watched Stu’s presentation at WishList Member LIVE.  This fuelled a very valuable conversation regarding the use of this product as well as other methods that could be utilized to set your presentations apart from the rest.


  1. Wray – Thanks for alerting us about fun and interesting forum topics. There’s so much content on the forums now, it’s easy to miss a cool thread or two. It’s also interesting to see how similar questions can be asked months apart and, due to upgrades or new discoveries, have deeper answers given! Love the Insider! ~R

    • Wray says:

      Thanks @Rebekah! These posts do take a little time to put together so I appreciate the kind words 🙂

      You are correct about the threads that can be re-energized over time. In fact, I’ll likely feature the same thread a few weeks apart in these posts at some point just because there will be so much new and valuable info!

      • Will says:

        It’s interesting too.. that as new members come on board and don’t get access to older content, they have to ask similar questions to what has been answered.. which is great b/c its exactly what you guys said… the topic is revisited with new ways to do things. It really does help the process..

  2. Rock’in Wray!
    Hey, maybe that’s a new nickname for ya?
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s iTi episode – is Stu up for it?

    • Rock’in Wray…has a nice ring to it.
      Stu massaging his legs from the race?

    • Wray says:

      Stu was a little sore after the race, but I can only imagine the state I would be in if I had taken part.

      Probably still be in Vegas running it right now! 😉

      • Will says:

        that is a funny visual… you would be in the same shape I would be in if i tried that… i can run 4 to 5 miles and then my body either wants a cheeseburger or it refuses to move… and I don’t see them handing out cheeseburgers in those lines during the race…

      • Wray says:

        I’d run a “Cheeseburger Marathon”…

        @Will – you are right, no cheeseburgers were handed out BUT they did pass out Beer!

        I’m not kidding. Apparently runners will drink beer to replenish carbs, etc. At least, that’s what I was told 🙂

        Who knew?

      • Will says:

        did you try to pretend to be a runner to get some free beer? Any good ones? I wonder if you get to choose which kind you like or if it is only miller lite of something… (i’m joking.. i know the answer to that) but wouldn’t it be cool if you ran by and said “ill need an amstel lite, two millers and a spaten, please”

        now that’s a race… 🙂

    • Wray says:

      It’s actually spelled “(W)Rockin’ Wray” 😉

      iTi has been shot with Stu and myself and will be posted very soon.

      Stu does a great job in his first “official” episode (he did a fill in spot a few weeks back)

      Watch for it!

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