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We realize a lot can happen throughout the course of a week.  Everyone can become busy with a little of “this” and a lot of “that” during their day to day lives so it’s not always easy to keep on top of all the useful and helpful posts within the Insider Forums.

For these reasons we have decided to apply some focus to a number of posts each week that we believe can benefit our Members.

Read on for summaries and links to this week’s “Forum Focus” Posts.

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Free Online Graphic Creator…Really Worth It!

@M is back with yet another free online tool.

This one allows you to create graphics like Payment Buttons, Guarantees, Headlines and more.  All without using any image manipulation software.

Free Online Graphic Creator is web based so all you need to do is visit the URL and you leave with a custom graphic created for FREE in moments!

I will be using this one myself in the coming weeks and months ahead.


Las Vegas

Have you booked your trip to be with us in Las Vegas for WLM Live the 1st weekend of December?

If so, you are likely familiar with this forum thread as it’s been going strong since we announced the upcoming event.

That being said, if you haven’t visited the thread lately, you might want to stop in to get the discount coupon code that @Rebekah has posted for transportation from the airport.

I would also like to echo her comment from the post:

“Looking forward to seeing everyone in LESS THAN A MONTH!!”


Optimize Press & WLM Integration

This thread details a member’s journey as he integrates Optimize Press and WishList Member quickly and easily.

@Mark includes a tutorial video showing some Optimize Press features and how he uses it with WishList Member.

Optimize Press appears to be a very powerful theme for a Membership Site and when coupled with WishList Member, its strength increases.


What do you think: when is it a good idea to have Google Adsense Ads in your Membership site?

Do you have Google Adsense ads somewhere on your Membership Site?  Are you considering using them?

This forum threads explores the possible pros and cons of this type of advertising and the effect it can have on your members and potential members.

A few Insiders and Stu share their opinions and views on this matter so we encourage you to jump in and let us know what you think as well.

New perspectives are ALWAYS welcome 🙂


Check back next week for more Forum Focus Posts!


  1. Cool – I hadn’t seen the OptimizePress thread – I’ve already bought it but haven’t installed it yet or tested it.

    I also just bought JVPress too!

    • Wray says:

      I was relatively unfamiliar with OptimizePress until I watched the video.

      I was aware of it’s existence but hadn’t really seen much of what it could do.

      Looks pretty cool!

  2. Good thread on the adsense thingy.

  3. Well, when a tree falls and hits me in the head, I do take notice. Thanks Steve.

  4. Michael Johnson says:

    I like this section – keep up the good work Wray. 🙂

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