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Insider Action Plan: How to Market Your Membership Site on YouTube

With billions of views every single day, YouTube is a massive opportunity to get exposure and new members into your membership site. But, when I first started on YouTube, I had no clue how to use it for business.

What content worked to get exposure?

How do I promote my products without turning everyone off

How to I continually come up with content ideas?

Ten years later, I’ve methodically grown my channel to nearly 70K subscribers and it’s the main source of traffic for my business. And, that’s because I figured out what contents works…

Specifically, for business.

And so, in this Insider Action Plan, I’m going to show you the five different pieces of content that does both: 1) plays well on YouTube and gets you exposure and 2) sells your products and services.

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Core Training: Running a YouTube Channel That Brings In New Customers

YouTube is greatly overlooked in our industry.

A lot of online marketers still think of it as the place for funny cat videos and the hangout of mainly teenage kids who will never buy.

But it’s not.

Gary Vaynerchuck has uploaded 890 videos amassed 206,000 subscribers. Marie Forleo… 279 videos and 262,000 subscribers. On the political side, as of 2014… the Young Turks had amassed over 500 million views and 1 million in revenue.

Your future members are on YouTube.

And in this video, we reveal how to create a YouTube channel that brings in new customers like “moths to a flame”. 🙂

Watch below:

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YouTube For Membership Sites: 5 Unique Techniques to Grow Your Membership Site With YouTube – Mini Workshop

How can YouTube be used to improve your membership site?

Many people visit YouTube each day looking for the latest movie trailers or clips from TV shows they remember watching when they were young.

But YouTube can be used for so much more.

The new WishList Insider Bonus will show you how YouTube can become an effective tool to grow your membership site.

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Which Video Format Is Ideal For Your Members – Part 1

This is an important question these days and one that requires a bit of thought.

What video types are best for online viewing?

Many valid questions need to be addressed when considering the method you will use to deliver video to your members.

Will the file be too big? Will my members be able to see it? Will it play on mobile devices?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, we encourage you to click through.

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