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6 Keys To Writing Effective Membership Articles

Have you ever read an article that just seems to go on and on?

Did you also find it difficult to retain all the information that was presented within the seemingly endless post?

Or maybe you have experienced the other end of the spectrum.

An article that was so short and ended so quickly, you were left wondering what the intended point actually was.

These are the types of articles that you feel the need to go over a few times in order to understand what the writer is trying to say.

Keep reading as we spotlight 6 keys that will help you produce useful and easy to understand content for your members.

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Membership Tools You Can Use: Writing Resources

Membership sites are in the business of providing content to members.

For many site owners, this content comes in the form of written articles which they create themselves.

While you are certainly an expert within your field, the act of collecting your thoughts and writing compelling content may still be difficult.

Translating your expertise from the thoughts inside your head to written words can be a difficult process and can result in hitting a roadblock on your way to a successful membership site.

Keep reading to learn about some writing resources that can improve your content and save you time.

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How Can “Scrivener” Help With Content Creation? Part 2

Any master-crafter benefits from quality tools.

Painters create awe inspiring art with an assortment of brushes, a carpenter builds the house of their dreams with sturdy tools, and membership site owners can create profitable communities with a program designed to not only create content, but organize it as well.

Have you looked into using Scrivener since Part 1 of this series?

Let’s look into some additional ways you can use this tool to it fullest.

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MORE Ways “NaNoWriMo” Will Improve Your Writing

If you checked out the first half of this 2 Part series, then you already know what “NaNoWriMo” stands for.

BUT… Do you also know how it can improve your writing skills (quicker content creation, higher quality, etc.)?

Part 1 provided the keys to apply the lessons learned from NaNoWriMo to your content creation, and in this final installment we dive even deeper.

Find out how to put the necessary pieces in place so you can achieve your goals when it comes to content creation. Your members will appreciate it 🙂

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Writing Style on the World Wide Web. Get Noticed!

Writing for the internet is similar to writing for print, but there are some differences that you can take advantage of.

A lot of fun differences!

One thing to remember is you need to keep it easy for a person to read while also making it valuable.  You have a set amount of time and space to get your message across.

Continue on to find out  more about time limits and other issues to avoid which will make your writing more “web friendly”.

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