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How To Deliver Courses To Existing Members

We are continually amazed at how creative people are getting with their WishList Member (WLM) sites and the more familiar you are with all the different features of WLM, the more creative you can get.

This video tutorial was based on a question we received about delivering different “courses” to existing members who belonged to their site.

However, they had some specific ideas on how they wanted to do this and wondered if it was possible with WLM.

Let’s find out shall we…

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Inside The Insider – Episode 72

Co-hosts Faye and Wray both experienced a case of the “giggles” (stay tuned for the bloopers after the episode to see for yourself) but they still managed to deliver all the exciting news from the past 7 days.

So what exactly was the exciting news?

This episode includes…

  • A New Video Tutorial Explaining How To Offer More Value To Your Members
  • How Can FREE Bring Members Back?
  • Are You Using The Correct Video Format?
  • Should You Be Self-Hosting?

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Developer Corner – Session 08: Sidebar Button Color Change Upon Hover

Another very common question we receive from WishList Insiders is:

“How did you get the options on your side bar to change color when they are hovered over?”

This is an awesome feature our Development Team created for the site when we launched and this installment of Developer Corner is going to explain how you can have the same feature appear on your own site.

It’s a relatively easy addition and your members will definitely take notice of it.

Note that we have included a file containing Example Code below the video to make things easier for you.

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Video Tutorial: How to Add a “One Time Offer” with WLM – ADVANCED Version

Today’s video tutorial takes a more advanced look at including a “One Time Offer” to your WishList Member site based on a Member’s cookies. 

You will find out how to allow a once offered page to appear to a specific Member a single time.

This is a more ADVANCED level tutorial with some knowledge of code needed to accomplish this task.  Click Here for the BASIC version that requires no code knowledge.

Continue on to learn how to include a One Time Offer based on Member’s cookies.

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Video Tutorial: How to Add a “One Time Offer” with WLM – Basic Version

In this latest video tutorial, the option of a “One Time Offer” is discussed and you are shown a quick and easy way to add this type of feature to your WishList Member site.

This is a BASIC level tutorial with no knowledge of code needed to accomplish this task.

An additional video tutorial will be posted soon that deals with a more advanced method on how to add a One Time Offer which will include some code examples.

In the meantime, check out this fast way to include a One Time Offer on your site today!

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Video Tutorial: Custom Profile Page Explained

Knowledge Level: Advanced User

We have received many questions and inquiries as to how we created our Custom Profile Page here on WishList Insider so we wanted to show you just how that was done.

Please note that to accomplish this, we needed to work with templates, code and a few other bits here and there so this tutorial is for the more advanced users. 

But don’t worry, we will be adding more videos regarding many other tricks and tips soon!

Continue on to find out just how our members are able to view and edit their own Profile Pages which include gravators, recent comments and more!

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Getting Started With WishList Insider

Welcome to WishList Insider!

We want to truly thank you for making the decision to join our community.

Since you are new to this site and there is a LOT of great content to go through, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of a “road map” to get started.

We’ve selected some solid pieces (articles, video lessons, audio interviews, etc.) we think will start you down the right path and have placed them into easy-to-manage topics below for quick reference.

Come in and make yourself at home 🙂

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