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Core Training : How To Upsell Your Members

On average, 80% of a company’s future profits come from 20% of their existing customers (according to Gartner Group).

It’s 50% easier to sell to an existing customer than it is a new one, (according to Marketing Metrics).

Upselling and cross-selling existing members is not just a nice bonus… it’s a critical part of a successful membership site.

In this month’s Core Training, you’ll discover the “secret sauce” of successful upsells and 7 different kinds of upsells you can use in your membership site

Watch the video below:

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Make More Money With Your Archives

When you have a membership site that is full of content, it’s easy to lose sight of simple strategies that we can implement that allow us to maximize our revenue intake.

Access to “archives” is one of them.

With a few tweaks to your membership site, you’ll be in a position to generate more revenue and increase your retention levels.

Here’s the strategy…

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