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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 63

What would you like to learn about today?

Let’s take a look at some of the gems the Forums have to offer this week…

What can you do if your videos playback speed is comparable to a turtle?

Do you learn better through text or through images?

Would you like to section off a Forum for specific Membership Levels?

These topics are just scratching the surface of what can be found inside. Click through for more info on these and other forum threads.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 71

As usual, there is LOTs to talk about this week throughout the WishList offices.

Co-Hosts Stu and Wray (plus a very special guest) bring you the past week’s news in a quick and fun video.  They focus on items you may have missed or something that may warrant a second look.

This episode includes…

  • How Do You Handle Public Name Calling?
  • The 1st Rule of Fight Club
  • Landing Pages vs. Home Pages
  • A Visit From The Smallest WishList Insider 🙂

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How to Make People Hate You on Twitter – Part 3

Twitter is one of the top business tools (and social media options available) so why would any reasonable person try to annoy followers?

Most people don’t want o be annoying and certainly don’t want to be hated. Yet, like the rude dinner guest wiping their mouth with their sleeve and chatting with their mouth full, they simply don’t know any better.

Since people tend to notice the negative more, let’s finish our tutorial on what NOT to do so you won’t annoy and be hated on Twitter.

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How to Make People Hate You on Twitter – Part 2

The point of using Twitter with your membership site is to build relationships you hope to convert into active members (or at least friends) so why try to annoy your Twitter followers?

Many people can be unaware of the annoyance they present. But eventually they annoy their followers so much, those followers leave and never buy anything, and at worse possibly badmouth the “Tweeter” in tweets of their own.

While there are plenty of tips on how to be a good Twitter citizen, knowing what not to do is even better.

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How to Make People Hate You on Twitter – Part 1

Annoying people on Twitter doesn’t sound like the sort of thing you want to go out and do.

Yet, many new Twitter users unknowingly (or intentionally) do things that cause people to eventually stop following them. All in the misguided attempt to get more members for their site.

While it’s important to know what to do, knowing what NOT to do is even more important.

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Want Some WordPress PlugIns To Energize Your Site? – Part 1

As many know, WordPress PlugIns are additional programs you add to your membership site in order to provide new features and improved functionality.

While you can certainly run a “bare bones” Membership site with only WordPress and WishList Member, I have put together a list of readily available PlugIns used by many of our clients that can also be used by you to improve many aspects of your site – and keep your members happy!

Check out the first 9 PlugIns by clicking through…

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“Looking Back” – Our Favorites From The 1st Year of WishList Insider – Part 3

We are keeping the theme of this week’s posts going with these 3 articles being presented today.

Jen and Wray have both already explained why they have chosen their most memorable articles from WishList Insider’s 1st Year so now it’s my turn 🙂

I have gone through some previous posts that have been published and have found some favorites dealing with social media, creating content and encouraging community within your site.  These specific ideas should help to move your membership site in the right direction.

Read on to help celebrate our first year anniversary!

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