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5 MORE Common Membership Questions AND Their Answers

We have decided to post another Questions & Answers article based on conversations within the Insider Forum.

I will be consistently checking the forum threads and comments throughout WishList Insider for YOUR awesome questions and answering them within these Q & A posts. We’ll also be monitoring the WishList Member Support Department questions that come in regularly.

This is going to be very useful for those who have not have seen that particular question and/or answer within the Insiders forum (or other sources).

In this edition, we will be covering the More Tag, Simple Integration, Logout Links, How to hide something within your navigation and creating a Terms of Service option.

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5 Common Membership Questions AND Their Answers

I have been meaning to do this for a while.

What better time than now to present a quick compilation of some Insider Questions and Answers?

I went through our very own forum here within WishList Insider and collected some of the most commonly asked questions.

These questions address curiosity and concern from members located all over the globe. So why not collect them together in one convenient post?

What have you been wondering?

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