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3 MORE Favorite WordPress Themes

I was so blown away by the positive response I received with the last “My 3 Favorite WordPress Themes” article that a follow-up seemed like a good idea.

Exploring for new WordPress plugins and themes is something I absolutely LOVE. It’s like a treasure hunt and when That special one is discovered, it can be very exciting!

Our wonderful members here within the Insider have stepped up once again to share their own favorite themes with me.

Now I get to share these fantastic finds with you!

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Improve Your Member Experience With This

In part one of this series we discussed the number one reason people will join your membership site.

But once people have joined, what keeps them paying each and every month?

Sometimes it’s the “little things” and as you’ll see in part 2 of this series, there is something very simple you can do to immediately improve the “experience” your members have inside of your site.

Unfortunately, very few membership site owners even pay attention to this “little thing”.

But if YOU do, you’ll see an increase in satisfaction amongst your members and therefore an increase in retention (which means more money in your pocket!).

So what is this mystery “little thing”?

Let’s take a look…

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My 3 Favorite WordPress Themes. What Are YOURS?

I am going to present My 3 Most Favorite Themes over the course of this post.

With all the WordPress themes that are now available, who knows which one to choose? It can become downright overwhelming!

What better way to help others going through this same delima than to offer what OUR favorites are?

Yes, that means YOU also…

Okay ~ I will go first.

But, then it’s your turn! Seriously, I want to know what you LOVE in a theme and why.

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How Compatible is the WishList PlugIn with WordPress Themes?

The WishList Member PlugIn has been developed to be very compatible with most themes. We rarely hear of any issues with the theme a customer is using.

One type of theme we do know of that can potentially cause issues are any that allow for pages to be set as visible or not visible in the navigation.  These theme settings can overwrite the WishList Member protection settings.

Basically, if a User were to select the pages that appear in the site navigation using the Theme settings, this can overwrite the WishList Member page protection settings. This could display a protected page (or pages) on the site navigation for everyone to access.

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