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Learn How To Teach Your Members

To teach or not to teach, that is a question new membership site owners ask themselves quite often.

What are they to do?

I can hear it now; “I want to create a site dedicated to instruction.”

Okay. Instruction of what exactly?

Another question may be something like; “I only want to include a little bit of instruction within my membership. Can I do that?”

So what are the answers? Just exactly HOW do you teach within a membership site?

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Remember, Getting Started Is Tough

Getting started is the hardest thing to do.

“Thinking” about it is easy.

But actually “doing” it is hard.

Earlier this month I started taking a new course.

As someone who has taught MANY live and online courses, it’s been a wonderful experience to be a “student” again.

It’s given me a different perspective and I’ve rediscovered one VERY important lesson for all of us who teach online…

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