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Do You See Yourself As A Teacher? – Part 2

A very common reason for someone to join a membership site is to find a solution to a problem.

Many of these people will find that they enjoy the community they have joined, but ultimately, they have come in with a problem and they want it fixed.

You take on the role of a teacher and share your knowledge as you work to resolve their issues.

We began our look into embracing the act of teaching members in part 1 of this series. That is the subject we will be digging into more in this follow up article.

Are you presenting your students with the most effective lesson plan?

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Do You See Yourself As A Teacher? – Part 1

Membership sites are in the problem solving business.

So how can you solve the problems of your members?

In most cases, this involves teaching a community of members how to reach their goals. Once a goal is achieved, the problems are usually lessened or resolved entirely.

Running a membership site means that you will find yourself occupying the role of a teacher.

What are the most effective teaching methods to use within your community?

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