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Video Tutorial: Create a MEMBERS ONLY Help Desk (Zendesk)

Have you ever wanted to create an area for Support on your site that was for MEMBERS ONLY?

Most membership site owners have considered this at one time or another.  The reason being that this adds increased value to your site as dedicated support for your members is certainly something that appeals to potential clients.

So how can you set this up?

WishList Insider Contributor Neil Matthews walks you through the steps in the tutorial that follows.

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You Shouldn’t Complain About This

Customers call. Customers email you directly. Customers send contact through your company email address.

Customers open support tickets requesting even more indepth help. They want their help quickly and proficiently (which is a very valid expectation).

It needs to be rememberd that having many customers is a GOOD thing, so now you just have to learn the best way to handle the volume of requests that accompany many members.

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Why Do People Hate “Canned Answers” So Much?

Are “Canned Answers” really such a bad things?

In my opinion no, they aren’t. A right answer is a right answer, right? 🙂

Why is the value of pre-written answers viewed as lesser than something that was written off the cuff?

Why is the perception of a canned answer almost universally negative?

There’s that word again… “perception”.

Continue on as we look into this subject.

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Video Tutorial: How to Easily Add a Quick & Easy Support Form to Your Site

This video by WishList Insider Contributor David Walsh explains how to easily add a contact form (which can be used as a Support Request Form) to your site. 

It’s a very easy process (installing and configuring a plugin) that can help to lighten the load of dealing with member requests and questions. 

This can be an extremely handy feature if you are not yet ready to incorporate a fully functional Support System. 

Note that this tutorial uses Contact Form 7 as an example, but any Contact Form can be used.

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How To Create a Successful Support Network

If you are just starting your business, you may not yet need a support network.  But you should know the basics involved in getting one going when the time comes.

If your business is already in operation and you offer a product which requires troubleshooting, information or technical support you should have a support team in place.

The size of your Support Team will depend on how large your customer base is and how rapidly your customer base is growing.

No matter what size your business, you will want to follow some basic rules to begin.

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