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Software and Services To Help You and Your Members – Part 2

“The right tool for the right job”.

Or so the saying goes.

While your computer is the main tool used to create a Membership Site, it (like a Swiss Army Knife) is comprised of many additional tools which allow you to perform a variety of tasks with ease.

These “tools” come in the form of software that we began digging into within Part 1 of this Series.

This time around, I’ll share more tools/software which will not only help you, but your members as well.

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Software and Services To Help You and Your Members – Part 1

The computer is a wonderful tool.

No matter how many uses you find for it, one thing you can definitely thank it for is the creation of your membership site. However, your computer can only be as good as the tools inside of it.

Over the past three years, I’ve found many useful programs and services that not only help out in general, but also offer benefits to membership site owners.

Now I want to share my findings with all of you. Let’s get started…

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Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking Review

In a previous article, I suggested voice recognition software as a time saver and a way to give your body a break.

Voice recognition software (as the name suggests) is a computer program that recognizes your spoken words and types them out for you while also performing specific commands. This can save you two very valuable resources; time and energy.

Find out if you’d be better off dictating your articles as opposed to typing them out. You might be surprised.

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Software: Audacity – The Best Free Audio Editor Out There

The many different audio editors available offer numerous choices but make it hard to decide which one is right for you.

Factor in your budget and you have the additional worry of wasting money on features you may not need for your audio editing.

For those who are worried about money and need a tool for quick and easy audio editing, consider Audacity. It’s free, powerful, and available for both Mac and PC, and consistently gets great reviews.

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Software: TweetDeck

I think I could count the total number of tweets I have actually sent out using the interface on two hands.  This reason for this isn’t that it is overly difficult to use.  On the contrary, it’s really quite simple. 

But with a little help from an application named TweetDeck; I quickly found it to be even EASIER to sent out tweets.

Please continue on to find out how installing this FREE Twitter app can quickly and easily make your tweets more informative, effective and FUN!

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Software: Jing by TechSmith

If you aren’t currently using Jing, please allow me to introduce you to this tool that can save you time on a daily basis. This free piece of software has proven to be invaluable to the team here at WishList Products. I can’t remember the last day that went by in which I didn’t use Jing to send a quick screenshot to another team member or customer.

Pictures do “speak a thousand words” and Jing has helped illustrate that by allowing for quick screen captures to be stored online and sent to your respective recipient via a provided URL. Read on for more details on how to take advantage of this great service.

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