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Play Video Games To Build Business Skills. Seriously.

Can you save the princess?

Are you able to beat the last fighter in Mortal Kombat?

Can you lead the Orc army to victory in Warcraft?

Do you leave a cloud of dust in Burnout as you cross the finish line?

If so, congratulations! You may have the skills needed to succeed in business. Business skills from video games? Surely that’s a joke. How can a pastime where I shoot monsters, play cards, or arrange shapes into patterns help me succeed in business?

Read on and I’ll tell you.

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Skills Every Website Owner Should Learn

Experts can be expensive and there’s nothing wrong with that – provide an excellent service and you deserve good pay.

The trouble is many of us don’t have the money to pay for expert services. This is why I do much of the basic level skills myself. If I need to hire someone who charges by the hour, I want them spending those hours doing things I don’t know how (or want) to do myself.

I can take care of the simple things myself.  This is what I’m doing with my office renovation. I can build the desk but someone else can work with electricity.

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