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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 321

What do you need to start a membership site?

This is a question we hear a lot.

Many people wonder if there is a checklist of items and services that are required to set up and maintain an online community. While there may not be a specific list, there are some main items to consider.

What immediately springs to mind when you think about building and launching a site?

An Insider started a thread in the forum asking what they need to get the ball rolling.


So I Need An Auto-Responder, A Shopping Cart, And Is That All?

Every membership site has a beginning.

But where exactly do you start?

This forum thread addresses the options of integrating with selected shopping carts and auto-responders. Are both of these integrations necessary for all membership sites and what other tools needs to be considered?

Each membership site handles the release of content in its own way. How are those sites processing payments for access to that content and how are they informing the members when it has been made available?

A way to accept payments from members and the ability to effectively communicate with them is usually pretty high on the priority list for a site owner. We would like to know what else is on your “To Do” list when starting a site.

Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask any questions of your own within this thread.

WishList Insider – Forum Focus 314

The typical purchase/registration process with a WishList Member powered site sends soon-to-be members to the payment processor to make the purchase.

The next step is the registration form being filled out on the actual membership site.

But some site owners would prefer if everything was taken care of on their site and want to avoid any redirects for the member. They are looking for a self contained process that starts and ends on their own site.

An Insider asks about potential solutions for allowing a member to stay put when signing up.

Keep reading to find out what possibilities are available.

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