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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 462

Sometimes we want it to do a little bit more.

This is a common feeling when working with software or online services. Most of the time , they handle the majority of what we need. But there are those other instances when it would be nice if they could maybe address one more thing on our “want list”.

That one more thing might be something that is unique or very specif to our situation. This means it may not make sense for it to be added to the software.

So, what options are available if that is the case ?

This forum thread is a good example of what might work.

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WishList Members Tips: Creative Ways To Use Sequential Upgrade – Part 2

One of the more generally untapped WishList Member tools is the Sequential Upgrade feature.

This feature is typically used to automatically move or add members from one Membership Level to another after a set period of time.

While this does explain the core functionality well, it can do so much more.

In our previous article we looked into some creative ways to use the Sequential Upgrade feature beyond the standard dripping out of content.

Today, we’ll be digging into even more ways to make Sequential Upgrade work for you and your members.

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WishList Members Tips: Creative Ways To Use Sequential Upgrade – Part 1

While many membership site owners use Wishlist Member simply to protect content, there are plenty of additional options and that may not be immediately obvious.

Perhaps there is a feature within WishList Member that you aren’t using which could save you time and effort. Something you don’t use now, but could be helping.

One of these “under the radar” options is the Sequential Upgrade feature.

You can customize and personalize the experiences of your members just by adjusting a few settings.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 52

We’ve got another batch of fantastic threads going on inside the forums this week (as usual).

Some of the highlights include:

  • How many days are in a month? (The answer isn’t as clear as you may think)
  • Autoresponder Service vs. Self-Hosting (Which is really best?)
  • Where are you shooting your videos? (Where is your “studio”?)

Be sure to check these threads out and to add your voice to the conversations.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 48

It was decided that this week’s Forum Focus would “focus” on frequently asked questions.

We receive many questions each week in multiple locations from various sources and one of the most active areas for “question gestation” is the Insider forum.

I’ve selected 3 questions (and answers) that will benefit anyone creating or maintaining a Membership site.

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