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What If It Doesn’t Sell? – Part 2

The ability to effectively promote a membership is key to most successful membership sites.

Profits are immediately pulled in directly through member registrations or a site owner will bank on future payments by promoting other business ventures to these new sign-ups.

Regardless of the intended end result, no site owner wants a new membership to be met with lukewarm interest (and a low number of members).

We went over ways to increase sales for an under-performing membership in Part 1 of this series. We will now continue our look into steps you can take if one of your memberships does not sell at a rate you are happy with.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 47

We’ve got 3 more interesting threads for the Insider forums this week that we want to draw your attention to.

The conversations are focusing on the following topics this time around:

Selling a Membership to members who are used to paying $0

A Premium membership level you can offer for little effort and big return

Setting up a course that everyone starts on the same calendar date

There’s a little something for everyone 🙂

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When (Or Should) You Sell Your Site? – Part 2

To Flip or not to Flip. That’s the Flipping Question.

Many Membership site owners at one time have either thought about selling their membership site or wondered how much they could possibly get for it.

While selling (or flipping) a membership site isn’t what most people imagine when thinking about making money, it’s something to consider if you ever get tired of your site or need a quick influx of cash.

In a previous article, we discussed why you would want to flip your membership site and what to do before you sell. Today we’ll go over the site selling process, where to sell, and things to keep in mind after you flipped your site.

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When (or Should) You Sell Your Site?

Flipping a website or Membership site isn’t what most people think of as a valid method of making money with their site (and efforts).

Usually, they count on the monthly membership fees and revenue from advertising.

While those are definitely valid ways to earn income with your membership site, consider flipping (selling) your site for profit.

When is the right time to sell?

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