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Potential SEO Scams To Avoid – Part 2

Part of any successful strategy is ensuring that people can find your membership site quickly and easily.

An effective way to do this is by scoring high within search engine results.

Since most people are not experts in all fields, it’s not uncommon to contact a Search Engine Optimization professional to help achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, many membership site owners can fall prey to the SEO scams that don’t deliver what they claim. We looked at a number of things to avoid in Part 1 of this series and continue down that path in this follow-up article.

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Potential SEO Scams To Avoid – Part 1

Even if you have the the best membership site within your particular niche, it does you no good if you aren’t ranking high in search engine results.

At best, potential members may eventually find you after scrolling through pages of other sites. At worst, they find your competitor.

Since most people are not SEO experts, it’s not unreasonable for a membership site owner to outsource.

But how can you know if that SEO Pro really knows their stuff?

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