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What If It Doesn’t Sell? – Part 1

Practically every business will eventually offer a product or service that does not sell very well (if at all).

While this is initially disappointing, many business owners view these types of situations as a lesson on what not to do. Finding out what doesn’t work can be a valuable learning experience.

Some will even find a way to turn a lackluster product into much more.

This same thinking can be applied to a membership level that may not have taken off as intended.

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Transitioning From A Free To A Paid Membership

I love the forum in WishList Insider.

The questions are so good and our members are very interesting. A question similar to the title of this article was recently submitted within the forum (it really is a great question).

How can you transition from a free membership site to one that requires payment for access.

There is no doubt that after providing your members with a free membership that the switch to a paid site could result in some potential resistance or conflict.

Although, if done the right way, this can be a more smooth and less painful transition for everyone.

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Increase Your Conversion Rate – Part 2

An additional ONE percent increase in conversion rates doesn’t sound like a whole lot until you realize that perhaps only four percent of visitors actual purchase a membership.

That one percent just increased your sales by 25%.

While it’s unfortunate to think about the lost revenue, the good news is that a few simple checkout conversion tips can mean an increase in conversions/sales for many membership site owners.

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Increase Your Conversion Rate – Part 1

How much revenue are you losing based on your current conversion rate versus what you COULD be getting?

Imagine just an additional one percent increase in sales for you and your business. Does this mean you could work less hours, make more money, or maybe even both from only one additional percent?

Yes, it is possible!

Fortunately, most conversion rates can be improved with a few easy tips that anyone can implement.

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Are You Running Your Membership Like A “Short Sale”?

Have you ever tried to buy a home?

Here in the United States there is a specific type of housing sale called a “Short Sale”.

The seller in these cases is usually in a very difficult financial situation. They may have been trying to sell their property for some time and have had no luck for a variety of reasons.

A Short Sale can help sell a home more quickly, but there is a potential down side to this as well.

Should you try to apply the Short Sale method to your membership site?

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Elements of a Successful Sales Page – Part 2

Convincing visitors to become members is key to the success of any membership site.

Without members, all you have is an awesome product that nobody uses.

The effectiveness of various sales elements may differ between membership sites (and even audiences). So how can you know what will and will not work on your own sales page?

What does your sales page need in order to convert more visitors into members?

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Elements of a Successful Sales Page – Part 1

Many membership site owners want to know the answer to the same question.

“What should I include on my sales page?”

While there might not be a set of hard and fast rules (what works for one membership site may cause another to fail), there are common elements that can be found on most successful sales pages.

How many of these elements does your sales page include?

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The Power Of Ethics – Part 2

What do you attribute to a membership site’s success?

Maybe you offer the best content or the lowest prices. Or perhaps your site addresses a specific niche.

That all may be true, but there’s something else that will contribute to your success and help others along the way.

By harnessing the power of ethical behavior, you can feel good about what you are offering while encouraging new members to sign up and existing members to stick around.

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The Power Of Ethics – Part 1

How does a Membership Site measure it’s success?

Perhaps by the total number of members or the value offered to those members. Maybe it’s measured by the revenue that is collected each month.

However this value is determined and calculated, it could be increased even more with ethical behavior.

Here’s how to use ethics (ethically) to attract more members.

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How To Write A Bad Sales Email

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.”

This is great advice, but learning from other people’s mistakes can be even better.

Fortunately for you (and maybe not for them…), there are plenty of bad sales email examples to learn from.

We’re going to look into how you can avoid the worst while working on becoming the best.

Find out what NOT to do here…

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