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Core Training: How To Get Members To Buy Before Ever Reading Your Sales Letter

Most marketers spend most of their time focused on their sales copy… trying to find the perfect combination of words that will make someone buy their membership.

And, while your sales copy is crucial… what if I told you that you get someone to make the decision to join your membership site before they even read your sales letter?

In fact… not only CAN you… but that doing so should be your main focus.

That’s because the member who joins this way is much more likely to love the content you’re delivering inside your membership site and remain and member for months and years.

In this month’s Core Training, I’m going to show you how to do just that.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 54

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Stu and Wray check out things to come (the future) and shine the spotlight on some items from last week (the past).

What exactly do the co-host pair look into within the time stream?

They discuss…

  • How to Make Your Salesletter FABulous!
  • We want to feature YOUR site – Find out How!
  • Don’t Know SEO? You Soon Will
  • “Ninja Help”?

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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How to Make Your Sales Letter FABulous (and Believable)

I wasn’t always a coder.

In fact, my first real job was as a salesman… a real, shirt-and-tie, face-to-face salesman. I started out part-time and made my way up to assistant manager.  Then eventually manager of my own store… shoe store, that is.

Yes, I can hear the Al Bundy cracks already (Jeff!).

A lot of people laugh when I say I worked at a shoe store and it was, by far, the greatest sales training experience I’ve ever had.

Al Bundy doesn’t help, but it’s also because most people think of Finish Line and Foot Locker when they think shoe store… and, laugh at the thought of one of those guys thinking they’re a “salesperson”.

It’s okay, we used to laugh too.

But I learned a LOT in regards to sales during that time and now I am going to share some tips with you that can help you sell your Membership Site.

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