Retention Strategy #8 – Featured Members

Whenever you have a thriving community, you’re likely going to have some super star members.

We have them here in WishList Insider – just take a look at the leaderboard 🙂

These are the members who have built successful membership sites AND they continuously go out of their way to help those who have questions.

But how do you cultivate a culture like this?

That’s what we explore in this retention strategy and when it’s done right, loyalty from these members immediately goes up!
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Retention Strategy #7 – Member Motivation

When you hear the word “motivation”, what do you think of?

A “pump up” rally or some motivational tapes?

Those are good, but there is something else that will also motivate your members and it’s extremely effective for retaining members as well.

(and it doesn’t have anything to do with “pump up” rallies or motivational tapes!)

Watch the video for full details…
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Offer Their LAST Week Free (Like First and Last Months Rent)

Everyone has heard of (and possibly tried) a FREE First Week Trial Offer. 

That no-cost taste has been designed and offered to entice us into purchasing full access to the buffet.  Then, it’s “all you can eat time”!

While this is a tried and tested method of selling a product, what about the potential other side of that coin?

Is there a benefit to offering a free week of access at the END of a membership?

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Retention Strategy – Create A Retention Kit

Keeping your members happy month after month is one of the most effective ways to increase your bottom line.

It’s MUCH easier to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one.

Unfortunately, too many membership site owners forget this important fact.

Their focus is “get ’em in and hope they stay” – which is why their drop off rate is upwards of 50-60% each month.

(that means 50-60% of the people CANCEL each month – which is CRAZY!)

In this series we’re going to explore a variety of strategies for maintaining a high level of interest regarding your membership so that your members stay longer and stay happier.

Remember, the happier they are with their membership experience, the more loyal they become.  The more loyal they become, the longer they stay.  The longer they stay, the more money you make.

So let’s get started with our first Retention Strategy of the series as I show you a real world example of a “Retention Kit”…

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Create A Bond With Shared Experiences

Think back to your most recent vacation.

Was there something about that trip that you’ve shared with others over and over again?

Did this “something” involve someone else?

If it did, it’s likely turned into a lasting memory and chances are, your relationship with that other person is more rich because of it.

This is the power of a “shared experience” and it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your retention.

Here’s what I mean…

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