Proven Methods To Really Annoy Your Business Network On Facebook

Facebook is arguably the current leader when it comes to social media.

While other social networking sites may bypass Facebook’s popularity in other countries, overall, Facebook is king.

With that in mind, it’s very reasonable for companies to want to create profiles to tap into the 500 million Facebook (and rising) accounts.

However, many companies jump in without learning how to properly use Facebook and only end up annoying their customers.

Here’s how to avoid annoying your Facebook business network.

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Does Anyone Really Look at Classified Ads Anymore? – Part 1

With many businesses fighting over online advertising (like Google Adwords), many overlook the power of simple offline classified ads.

Offline classified are typically short advertisements found in newspapers and other printed material. While many online sites have classified advertisements, we’re concentrating on using printed classified ads to market your membership site.

Thanks to some incredibly valuable tips I’ve learned from Greg Cesar (international Google Adwords expert and marketing guru) at the Last Big Seminar, I have many reasons why you should market your membership site with offline classified ads.

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What Does Your Membership Site Have in Common with an Irresistible Cake?

Creating a successful and must sample membership site is much like baking a cake.

Some parts are more important than others, but successful owners know to use all the right ingredients. A cake recipe concentrating mainly on flour would fail miserably, and the same philosophy can be applied toward membership sites.

Believing that one single aspect is a “fix-all” and the results are a membership site sure to fail.

So what are some of the ingredients required for an irresistible membership Site?

Thanks to the valuable tips I learned at BlogWorld from Patrick O’Keefe, Chris Garrett, Lara Kulpa, and Jeremy Wright you’ll learn how to whip up a profitable membership site that will keep everyone coming back for more!

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How To Drive Potential Members AWAY From Your Site – Part 2

In an earlier article, we listed some common web and blog design mistakes.

Now, we will continue this list of common errors that can contribute to driving your potential members away.

This time we will be focusing on aspects of your site like sounds, navigation and even the name of who produced a post.

Read on to discover if your site can be improved with a few tweaks here and there.

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How To Drive Potential Members AWAY From Your Site – Part 1

It’s a good idea to review the basics for blog and web design.

Either you’ll learn something you shouldn’t do, or you will realize you’ve make mistakes with your current blog or web site.

You don’t want to be encouraging would be members to leave before they even view your content, do you?

In no particular order, here are some design mistakes you should avoid.

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How Do I Turn My Thoughts Into Actual Content?

I attended a seminar on how to package thoughts into useful content with Scott Ginsberg at this year’s past BlogWorld.

Some people know Scott as the famous marketer, public speaker, and published author of more than eight books. While others know him as the infamous “Nametag Guy” with the “Scott” nametag worn on his clothing and tattooed on his skin.

Now that he and I’ve got your attention with the (in)famous nametag, I’ll share some thoughts I learned from him on how to turn your thoughts into valuable content along with other valuable tips on promotion.

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