“Looking Back” – Our Favorites From The 1st Year of WishList Insider – Part 1

Since we are celebrating the 1st Year Anniversary of WishList Insider launching (Time Flies!) this week, we thought it would be fun (and beneficial to Insiders) to take a “look back” at some of our favorite and most memorable posts from this past year.

We decided that our writers would select 3 articles each that they have posted and explain why they chose to feature them this week.

The criteria was relatively straight-forward; we wanted to recall what we have presented during this period and see if there is anything to add or what we may have perhaps learned since then.

With so many new members joining each week, this is a great opportunity for recent Insiders to catch something they may have missed.

For those that have been with us for some time now, we want to know what you have learned since you first joined as well.

Should be a fun trip down Membership Memory Lane 😉

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The Email Trail To Improved Sales – Part 3

E-mail Marketing:

Tired Dinosaur of Internet Marketing


Tried and True Classic?

With over 70% of online people using e-mail (and some groups reaching as high as 94%), this marketing method is definitely not extinct. Many a membership site make their fortune simply by building up their e-mail list.

In previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2), I spoke about e-mail as the path to sales and the critical trio of a landing page, a contact capture form, and campaigns, as well as ways to build up your list.

Thanks to some more very useful info I learned from Heather Seitz during her wonderful presentation at the recent Big Seminar, you too can build up your e-mail marketing skills which will result in MORE of your emails being opened and increased click though rates which translates into more sales!

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Lost Members Mean Lost Money – Part 1

People buy things because they perceive those items as having value.

A car is valuable since it can transport you somewhere and can contribute to your perceived status.

Medicine cures aliments, and thus it’s value is fairly obvious.

People take out student loans because they believe knowledge is of great value.

Your members feel the same way. As nice as they are, they aren’t giving you money to help you out. You have knowledge they believe is valuable so they’re giving you money in exchange.

But what if they erroneously believe you don’t have this knowledgeable content because they can’t find it?

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An E-mail Trail To Improved Sales – Part 2

People are always searching for the next big thing to promote their online business.

While it’s good to keep an eye out for new methods of promotion, be careful not to neglect Email Marketing as it’s still a reliable and classic option that’s proven to increase conversions and entice new and existing members.

In a previous article, I spoke about e-mail serving as the path to sales and the critical trio of a solid landing page, a contact capture form, and contact campaigns to ensure success.

This was thanks to Heather Seitz (the “E-mail Queen” who built a successful real estate and marketing company) and her presentation at the Last Big Seminar.

I will expand upon some incredibly valuable tips you can use to build up your E-mail Marketing list so that you’ll have people WANTING to hear your sales message.

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Become an Author and Become the Authority – Part 3

In previous articles, I demonstrated the power of authoring books to overcome the question of:

“Why should I do business with YOU instead of your competition?”

Writing your own book makes you an authority to most people, and hence trusted enough to make paying for your membership site “worth it”.

We’ve already discussed ways to become an authority and how to write the book so people will trust you so today we’ll discuss how to publish your book so you can add more clients to your membership site.

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An E-mail Trail To Improved Sales – Part 1

To entice members into signing up for your membership site, you need an effective medium to assist in communicating your advantages (both small and large).

Social media accounts, viral videos, organic search, and pay per click ads are all fine, but don’t forget about one of the most classic marketing tools…


It’s been around and remains to be a constant in marketing for a reason.

Thanks to some incredibly valuable tips presented at the Last Big Seminar from Heather Seitz (the “E-mail Queen” who built a successful real estate and marketing company), I can share the E-mail Marketing Essentials with you that can help drive more members to your site and keep them coming back on a regular basis.

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Retain More Members Using This WishList Member Feature

As you probably already know, one of the best content publishing platforms available is WordPress.

The extremely talented Development Team that we have working with us here at WishList Member have used the WordPress capabilities to create a special method which allows you to post special messages that ALL your members (and no one else) can see.

This feature they have created to work with WordPress and your WishList Member site is available to anyone running WishList Member right now and it can be added to your site in seconds.

The best part is that adding this option to your site can result in the retention of existing members which will help raise your bottom line.

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Become an Author and Become the Authority – Part 2

Customers want to feel they made the best decision when making a purchase.

Typically they’ll ask; “Why should I do business with you instead of your competition”.

Factors such as price or offering additional value certainly help. However, nothing helps more than a reputation of authority.

It convinces potential signups that you know what you’re talking about. This is a more effective deal closer than the price or package deals alone.

Thanks to Jim Howard from the Last Big Seminar, I will show you how to become and present yourself as an “Authority” through the power of your very own book as we expand upon what was discussed in Part 1 of this series.

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Why Do You Trust Us? Do Your Members Trust YOU?

How many people within your membership site know you?

I mean really know YOU as the driving force behind the site.

Do your members know the name of your favorite movie? Are they aware of the very first product you sold out of your basement?

Do they even know your name?

That’s a serious question. Some Membership sites operate very much like a machine with no emphasis placed on interaction or community. You login, get your info and logout. The end.

This can work, but as I hear within the WishList Member offices so often:

“They come for the content, but they STAY for the community”

How would you answer this question;

Do your members trust you?

Continue on as we address these points.

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Write A Book To Become The Authority and Attract Paying Members – Wait! It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

One of the questions potential sign-ups ask is:

“Why should I join your membership. What makes your membership site different than your competition?”

You can try to convince them with more value, or a cheaper signup fee. Those things work, but the best thing is to become a recognized authority.

If you can present yourself as someone knowledgeable in your field, your claims become more valid because you’re someone they trust to know their craft.

Thanks to Jim Howard from the Big Seminar, I can show you how not to be just known as a mere expert, or even a guru, but rather “The Authority”.

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