Stop Hoping Your Members Forget

Have you ever heard a Membership Site owner say something like…

“I don’t want to email my members because that will remind them that they are paying for access to my site”.

Wait… What?

Is it a good idea to cross your fingers and hope that members will simply forget they signed up (and continue paying those member fees)?

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Make It Stick… Again

A while back I wrote a piece called “The First Engagement” which can be found here.

This was all about getting our members over the first speed bump.

The first speed bump is the buyer’s remorse we all have a tendency to feel after making a purchase or joining something like a membership site. We talked about ways to make the member “stick” and how the first engagement plays such a crucial role in doing so.

I called it the modern-day version of the stick letter.

When we’ve got our members over that first hurdle, there’s another one coming in the near future.

Now we’ve got to add another element to our retention process to make the buyer stick again.

Open up the following PDF and listen to the audio as I walk you through one simple email example to help members get over the second speed bump. (This engagement might be even more important than the first… and I’ll show you why)

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Inside The Insider – Episode 76


Technical Difficulties caused us to switch up the filming of iTi at the last minute!

With all 3 co-hosts in different locations and technology not allowing us to “come together”, who ended up being the ONE host?

This episode includes…

  • Do You Know YOUR Target Audience?
  • “All Of The Above”
  • Get Ready For WishList Member’s 3rd Anniversary!
  • Ice Cream???

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Video Lesson: Small Changes, Big Difference

Did you know that sometimes, the smallest change can mean the biggest difference?

Watching this video will show you how making subtle adjustments to the way you deal with member retention and attrition can have a larger effect on your bottom line.

There’s even a calculating tool we have included so that you can follow along and run your own scenarios.

You won’t want to miss out on this.

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How To PULL Them In – Part 2

A landing pages that is inviting and effective is extremely essential as web surfers are an impatient and busy lot.

With so many sites promising solutions, who has the time needed to study each site in detail?

A quick look (and a scroll down the page if you’re very lucky) is all you get before they decide if you’re the membership site for them.

So what’s the best way to grab those short attention spans?

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How FREE Can Bring Them Back

As I mentioned in my last post on reactivation, I promised that we’d dig just a bit deeper into using free trials for reactivation.

It seems rather simple, but there are a few things I want you to keep in mind.

Using “free” to bring old members back can be extremely powerful if done the right way, but if done the wrong way, we can actually be sending the wrong message to our past members.

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The First Rule of Fight Club

Every day there’s another shuckster selling another magic bullet.

The promise of riches, fine cars, and houses on the beach is the lure and downfall of many good people. We’ve all heard a story of someone close to us that lost their shirt in a deal that was just too good to be true.

If that all sounds pretty doom & gloom, there is actually a lesson to be learned when it comes to our membership sites.

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