Don’t Take It Personally

Members are going to cancel. It’s going to happen.

No matter how amazing your membership site is, you’re going to lose some subscriptions.

The key is to find out why people have left. You need to focus on the members who are STILL members and learn why others have decided to leave.

It’ll make you feel better.

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Retention, Retention and More Retention

“How do I keep my members from leaving and leaving for good? I want them to stay as long as possible.”

I hear this quite a lot.

I’ve also thought about it many times myself. Retaining your members is vital and you can certainly come up with a systematic process to help achieve this, but I believe it goes even deeper than that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are defiantly consistent steps to take, but there are some other more uncommon tactics to be aware of as well.

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Do Your Members Know What To Expect?

Within WishList Insider, we offer a lot of training programs. The WishList Team also puts on and participates in different training events each year.

When putting together any kind of program or creating membership content, what are the most important things to think about?

What should be prioritized and concentrated on?

Then once you have gathered some training materials, what are the next steps?

That’s a lot of questions that need answers in order to be successful.

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Insider Tips 06 – Retention

We want your help in creating a series of books that contain “Tips From The Insiders”!

It’s very clear that you all have many creative and effective ideas that have lead to successful membership sites.

So now is your chance to be included within a collection of helpful tips that will benefit everyone 🙂

This edition of the “Insider Tips” book will deal with Retention so please focus on that topic within your submitted tips.

Keep reading for all the details…

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Don’t You Forget About Me

Not only is the title of this post a solid song from the 80s (any “Breakfast Club” fans out there?), it’s also a good motto to keep in mind as a membership site owner.

If your members forget about you (and your site) they’ll soon “forget” to renew or pay their membership fees.

With so many distractions battling for member’s attention on a daily basis, how can you make sure that your site doesn’t get lost in the shuffle?

If you are aren’t being remembered, you’re being forgotten.

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Can Membership Sites Change The World?

A little while ago I was interviewed about membership sites and during the interview I was sharing all kinds of insights regarding what makes a successful membership site (even featuring some of our fellow Insiders!).

But it was the last question that forced me to pause for a moment.

“How have you seen membership sites change the world?”


I needed to take a moment and think on that but after I gave my response, I realized, yeh you know what, membership sites are changing the world and I’m damn proud of it!

Here’s the full interview…

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Give Them Attention

We all start out as a “newbie” with something at some point.

Do you remember the very first time you tried out this new and interesting thing called the “World Wide Web”? 🙂

I do. I didn’t have any idea what to do at first and thought to myself; “It sure would be nice if there was someone to guide me through this.”

Your members can be having similar thoughts right now regarding your site.

Don’t wait until your members scream; “Give me some attention!” because by that time, it could be too late.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 88

What do you want to learn more about today?

How about member retention? Perfect, we’ve got a forum thread that addresses this (including a webinar posted from a retention specialist).

Would you like to know which is the bigger challenge; GETTING or KEEPING Members? You’re in luck, there is a conversation on exactly that just waiting for you.

All this and more can be found in this week’s Forum Focus.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 86

This week’s highlighted forum conversations all seem to touch upon a similar topic…

How can you connect more with members in order to boost retention?

There are many theories and ideas for keeping members happy and within your site, but which actually work?

Check out first hand knowledge from fellow Insiders as we look into the “threads of the week” 🙂

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How To Overcome Member Roadblocks – Part 2

Customer objections are nothing new to membership site owners.

If you’re lucky, customers will give you a list of reasons why they won’t buy from you, or give you a chance to convince them. Unfortunately, most will tally the objections in their head and then simply leave.

This does you no good as you cannot address those issues (which lead to a potential member not signing up).

To prevent this, check out how you can overcome common customer objections and turn that “No, Thanks” into a “Sounds good! Where do I sign up?”.

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