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Members Are Not Just Numbers

Walk into any DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or government building and we best be prepared to wait.

“Next… next… next…”

This is what we will hear – and usually with an extended wait between each additional “Next”.

We sit there and wait… then wait some more as we begin to get that feeling. You know the one. That sense of just being another face in the crowd.

Are you treating your members like this? Do they feel like “just a number”?

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What I Learned From… Seth Godin and Keith Ferrazzi Last Week

I spent a day last week at a fantastic event headlined by Seth Godin, featuring Keith Ferrazzi and Sally Hogshead among others.

I even had a chance to sit down with Stu & Wray from WishList. I wrote down a lot of notes at the event, but in my head, everything kept coming back to one critical point:

The internet is growing up, and as it does so, people are going to start demanding real connection and real value from it.

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