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Why Should You Care About QR Codes? – Part 2

Think back over the last week or so.

Did you see a strange box similar to the one located on the top right of this post?

Since more and more companies are using QR codes, chances are pretty good that you did see one (or a few).

Now the question is; How can you emulate the big companies’ success with QR codes within your own membership site? It’s much easier than you might think.

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Why Should You Care About QR Codes?

If you’ve ever seen one of those squares with a random assortment of smaller squares, then you’ve probably seen a QR Code.

Similar to bar codes on packages, these coded squares allow you to transfer information which triggers an action.

If you want someone to visit your website, download a file, or even make a phone call, you can do it all with QR Codes.

The BIG question is; “What advantages and disadvantages are there with QR Codes and your Membership Site?”

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