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Tips From The Candidates: Presidential Marketing – Part 2

Some of the most effective marketing methods are used within political campaigns and the US Presidential race is certainly no exception. We touched on this in the previous article in this series.

Due to exactly what is at stake, it’s no wonder each side uses high-confidence techniques that they believe are certain to lead to a victory.

Refined versions of these same techniques can be used to promote your own membership site with similar results.

The main difference being that your members cast their “votes” by trusting you and deciding to join your membership.

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Tips From The Candidates: Presidential Marketing – Part 1

The US presidential race is arguably one of the most important races in the world.

Since the importance is so high, both presidential hopefuls (sometimes more) use continually refined techniques to convince people to join them. This support is given in the form of votes, dollars, and/or volunteer time.

Each side has their own marketing preferences and methods which can be studied and then applied to your own membership site.

What can we learn from those who are trying to win public favor and gain approval?

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