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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 450

Selling digital products is almost second nature to many membership sites owners.

This can include access to online courses, plugins, audio and video lessons and more.

The payments are processed online and the goods are delivered online. It doesn’t get much easier. The whole system can even be automated and require little to no management once it has been set up.

The key being all these items can be bought and fulfilled online without the need to ship out any physical items.

But, what if you have physical items to sell?

This forum thread begins the conversation.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 435

We like to ask this question from time to time.

The answer is always interesting and usually leads to further discussions. Different people respond in different ways.

But the most intriguing thing about this question might be the fact that the answer is always changing.

Your response today is very likely different from what you’ll say six months from now and it’s almost certainly different from how you answered six months ago.

We are curious. How will you answer?

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How Can You Use A Grid Connection?

What is a Grid Connection and can it be used with WishList Member?

This is a great question. I did some research on Grid Builder plugins and I am so glad that I did.

I really love learning new things and this was definitely a fun one to dive into.

You may already be familiar with the term “grid connection”. Or this may be your introduction to this useful tool.

These powerful and responsive grids can be used to deliver visually exciting content to your members.

Keep reading for all the details.

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PlugIn Review: Sensei

WooThemes has added a pretty cool plugin to their set of available tools.

We have seen questions pop up in the WishList Member support department about this plugin so I decided to share some details about it with the Insiders.

As you likely know, WooThemes offer a variety of different themes and plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the popular products they have produced.

But we are going to focus on their Sensei plugin in this article.

This plugin should interest Insiders who are looking to create a course for their members.

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PlugIn Spotlight: SlimStat

Is it possible to use too many WordPress plugins?

Well, if we’re being honest, then yes it’s probably true that we can install too many plugins on some sites…

Although, if you do find another good one, it is always smart to look into it. Especially if it can improve efficiently and could possibly include more capabilities than your current setup.

Speaking of these types of plugins…

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PlugIn Spotlight: Clicky

Many programs are available that can keep a watch on your website and content. These various options help you analyze content, track members, etc.

All important statistics for a membership site owner to be aware of.

Some of these programs are completely free while others cost an arm and a leg each month.

It’s a daunting task finding the one which will best fit your needs.

The good news is that I’ve found one that may be just what you need 🙂

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PlugIn Spotlight: Google Analytics

I have seen so many tickets that ask for information about Google Analytics that I decided to look up a WordPress plugin for just this type of request.

Really, who wouldn’t like a plugin to get the benefits of a good tracking and notification regarding their members?

That being said, Google is not just good – it is great. Anyone who has a website or membership site will surely want to take every effort in making sure they can track what members like (and don’t like) as well as the main areas they visit (and don’t visit) regularly.

This type of info can translate into money gained or money lost.

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Want Some WordPress PlugIns To Energize Your Site? – Part 2

WordPress users are no strangers to customization.

It’s a great piece of software but eventually a need will arise that WordPress (and WishList Member) can’t fulfill on their own. You may want ways to increase your SEO, allow your members more interaction, track your users, protect your site from hackers, or something else that qualifies as “customization”.

For this, you need plugins.

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Inside The Insider – Episode 61

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Faye and Wray both get very “animated” in this week’s episode.

Also, a little movie magic is attempted (and not really achieved) as a theme from last week’s show is tried again in a new location.

They discuss…

  • NEW Bonus PlugIn is Available NOW!
  • A Helpful WordPress Plugin
  • Is it Okay to Upgrade to WordPress 3.2?
  • Welcoming All The New Members!
  • Someone Getting Wet! 🙂

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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