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Should I Use The Pay Per Post Feature?

Previously I wrote about delivering courses within your membership site for existing members and there were many insightful comments and ideas that were shared by other members (which is awesome!).

One comment from Chris Guld caught my eye because she talked about also selling the courses to Non-Members using the “Pay Per Post” feature of WishList Member.

This is a GREAT idea but there is one VERY important thing to consider when doing this…

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 59

The week we have 3 threads we want to make all Insiders aware of that touch on the following topics…

  • A list of NINE ways to utilize a WishList Member feature to its fullest.
  • Some adjustments that can make your Members Comments really stand out!
  • A tutorial on how to add an element of even more interaction to your site.

As always, there is some awesome conversations happening in the forums each and every day. Check out what everyone is saying today 🙂

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