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How Can You Convert Free Members Into Paid Members? – Part 2

Giving someone a small taste of what you have to offer and using that to convert them into a paying member is a successful membership model.

Most businesses are familiar with offering free or low cost samples. But what they may not be entirely certain about is how to then take that interested individual and turn them into a contributing member of the community.

In our previous article, we started our look at ways to convert free members into paid members.

Keep reading as we continue digging into this membership model.

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How Can You Convert Free Members Into Paid Members? – Part 1

Almost everyone loves “Free”.

A very common (and successful) business tactic is offering free items or trial periods to potential customers.

The free offering will typically convince a skeptical or reluctant customer who may not normally perform the desired call to action.

With a membership site, the desired end result is that person signing up and joining the community.

You are probably very familiar with free membership offers. But how do you turn those free members into paying members?

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