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Can You Offer One-on-One Member Training? – Part 2

While many membership sites operate under the “Provide The Same Content To Multiple Members” model, there are site owners who find their path to profit by using a One-on-One membership model.

The overall goal of a site owner for both membership models is the same – give the members what they want and need.

But there are some unique considerations to keep in mind with One-on-One memberships. We began our look into operating a One-on-One membership site in Part 1 of this series and will continue to focus on that topic within this article.

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Can You Offer One-on-One Member Training? – Part 1

When most people think about membership sites, they typically view them as providing the same batch of content to a large community.

But, there are alternatives.

A One-on-One training membership can be just as profitable as their higher volume-centric counterparts.

Have you ever considered creating a One-on-One membership site? Or maybe just offering a One-on-One membership level?

Find out if providing this type of hands on service is a good option for you.

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