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Is Your Membership Site “One-Click Easy”?

It’s a good idea to channel and direct the flow of visitor traffic on your site.

Granted, visitors will start their experience with your site from a variety of sections within it. This means you’ll have a lot of different entry points. But it’s most common that the visitor will either bounce, click on a link to a related topic, or click a link to your homepage.

Mostly, they’re going to eventually end up on your homepage. It’s a predictable and consistent next step which has visitors saying; “Huh, that was an interesting article. What else ya got?”

This is your big opportunity to shine for your visitors. Welcome them into your world, brew them a nice cup of tea, and be as inviting as possible. But it does need to be easy for them.

How easy?

Read more to find out how to make your site “One-Click Easy.”

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