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What Can We Learn From Netflix? – Part 2

Do you want to emulate a world-famous and successful membership site?

What is the “secret to their success” that keeps their members sticking around month after month?

Who are we talking about?

With over 33 million subscribers Netflix is arguably the current victor of the video rental war and are certainly a model for membership site success.

Let’s find out how they do it…

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What Can We Learn From Netflix? – Part 1

One of the surest ways to increase your membership site’s chance for success is to emulate the good business practices of already successful businesses.

Find what worked for them and apply similar concepts to your own membership site while adding your own unique touches.

We’re going to look into one of the most famous membership sites operating right now. Netflix.

What can you learn from this successful multinational video rental/streaming business? How can you apply what you learn to your membership site?

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