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What Makes Them So Good?

What makes a good membership site good?

You know, the sites that continually have new members signing up, lots of activity in the forum and low cancellation rates.

How do you get to that “sweet spot”?

Some say it largely depends on the market.

But, if you look across all the different niche markets it becomes very apparent that the successful membership sites are doing something that others aren’t.

In this series we’ll look at what those “things” are and how you can easily include them in your site.

Starting with Foundation #1…

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The “More Tag” – Helping to Upgrade Your Members One Click at a Time!

I am a BIG fan of the WordPress More Tag when it’s used with WishList Member.

The insertion of this little tag instantly protects anything that appears below it in a Blog Post (if the function has been turned on it the WishList Settings section).

Once the More Tag has been used; ONLY Members are able to access the intriguing content hidden from view.

Just like the More Tag I am inserting HERE…

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