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Video Lesson: Small Changes, Big Difference

Did you know that sometimes, the smallest change can mean the biggest difference?

Watching this video will show you how making subtle adjustments to the way you deal with member retention and attrition can have a larger effect on your bottom line.

There’s even a calculating tool we have included so that you can follow along and run your own scenarios.

You won’t want to miss out on this.

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Simple Math Leads To More Money – Part 2

While you can make impressive money with other ventures, membership sites have several advantages that make the entire venture a much more appealing choice.

In our previous article, we spoke about the power of re-billing and how it can increase your bottom line.

In this second installment, we look at how you can take a struggling membership and propel it into the successful category.

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Simple Math Leads To More Money – Part 1

While there are certainly other ways to make money online, Membership Sites have several inherent advantages that will allow you to go further than other options while still utilizing the same level of effort and talent.

So if you aren’t satisfied with the current amount of money you’re making and could use some tips to make your membership site even MORE profitable, read on.

It’s time for some “Membership Math”.

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Make Money Using The Non-Member Merge Code

You may be thinking; 

“What in the world is a non-member merge code?”


“You can’t make money with a merge code.”

I’m about to shed light on both of these potential statements.

WishList Member merge codes can definitley help to make your site more successful and we are going to look at some examples that will encourage members to join your site.

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Write A Book To Become The Authority and Attract Paying Members – Wait! It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

One of the questions potential sign-ups ask is:

“Why should I join your membership. What makes your membership site different than your competition?”

You can try to convince them with more value, or a cheaper signup fee. Those things work, but the best thing is to become a recognized authority.

If you can present yourself as someone knowledgeable in your field, your claims become more valid because you’re someone they trust to know their craft.

Thanks to Jim Howard from the Big Seminar, I can show you how not to be just known as a mere expert, or even a guru, but rather “The Authority”.

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Money Management Tools For You and Your Business

For those of us who do not have financial practical understanding or are not numerically inclined, money management tools can be very handy.

Some of these tools can be downloaded and some you can use online, while others include the versatility of allowing for both options. You can download certain parts such as forms and templates or reports, while keeping your data input online.

There is an enormous amount of tools out there to choose from so I will list an assortment of these options with a short run-down for each.

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